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For customer service week this year, I have the privileged task of creating a technology themed gift basket. Im trying to keep the basket under $50 as I have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo that Ill be adding to it. Besides canned air and monitor wipes, are there any other recommendations for a PC based basket? I was thinking about a USB thumb drive and/or blank CD/DVD media. Any other ideas?

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LED flashlights and multi-tools. You can never have too many LED flashlights and multi-tools!

There is a risk it might push you over your budget, but I would definitely check out They have a lot of very fun and off-the-wall gifts like caffeinated soap, fun t-shirts, pen drives, and the like.

If you are looking for gifts for a Help Desk / Customer Service rep, then any of these would be nice.

A remote electric shock device to buzz id10ts on the other end of the phone.

A recording of David Spade doing the no commercial for when callers get put on hold.

(for the guys) High Quality pictures of Natalie Portman, Robin Page ( or Sarah Chipps (

link for the Spade m/watch?v=3NCxndXjsWg

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