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For customer service week this year, I have the privileged task of creating a technology themed gift basket. Im trying to keep the basket under $50 as I have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo that Ill be adding to it. Besides canned air and monitor wipes, are there any other recommendations for a PC based basket? I was thinking about a USB thumb drive and/or blank CD/DVD media. Any other ideas?

Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in thehelp center, pleaseedit the question.

LED flashlights and multi-tools. You can never have too many LED flashlights and multi-tools!

There is a risk it might push you over your budget, but I would definitely check out They have a lot of very fun and off-the-wall gifts like caffeinated soap, fun t-shirts, pen drives, and the like.

If you are looking for gifts for a Help Desk / Customer Service rep, then any of these would be nice.

A remote electric shock device to buzz id10ts on the other end of the phone.

A recording of David Spade doing the no commercial for when callers get put on hold.

(for the guys) High Quality pictures of Natalie Portman, Robin Page ( or Sarah Chipps (

link for the Spade m/watch?v=3NCxndXjsWg

Anyone recognise this capacitor and its symbol (circle with dot)?

Why was a flight delayed because of a bird in the cockpit?

Can I pay my student loan with a credit card?

Solving jumbled letters using a given dictionary

How do ssh remote command line arguments get parsed

What does not initiating and not asking questions back mean?

Can I new-game-plus Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with a different character?

McConaugheys four page Spanish monologue

Why do portions of SSH public (and private) keys overlap?

How to deal with a player who is a bad sport?

Nudism in space: Why wear clothes anyway?

Is a symplectic submanifold of a Khler manifold Khler?

How to deal with a developer that has poor skills but with whom I get on well?

Are all turing complete languages interchangeable

Why does Dr Manhattan work for the US government?

What are the functional equivalents of imperative break statements and other loop checks?

Should I ban electronic devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) from a course?

How to miss my own stag/bachelor party?

Placement of redundant containment systems?

Explain 2 pairs of parentheses in expression.Compile()()

Can you use Druidcraft to grow edible food for an herbivorous animal?

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DIY Baby Gift Basket

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ipsum dapibus volutpat. Morbi iaculis neque sed enim commodo porta pelle.

Hello Everyone, Laura here fromTrash to Couture!One of my favorite things about sewing is creating handmade gifts. Anything from your childs costume to a baby basket for your new niece like the one in this tutorial. I like to add embroidery to personalize each gift.The Brother SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machinemakes it possible to create so many different projects. I really like using the 5 X 12 multi-position hoop to cover a wide area of embroidery without re-hooping. I use this for ribbon or wide trims like the one on this baby basket I will be sharing with you below.

This personalized baby basket is my go to when a family member or friend is expecting a baby. Its not only a cute gift basket but perfect for storing diapers and baby items as well. I like to add a couple embroidered onesies and blankets in the basket customized with the babys name or designs like the biker babe (my brother-in-law is a professional motorcycle racer and his colors are blue and orange) using the 57 hoop. Get the details below on how to embroidery and sew a personalized Baby Gift Basket.

SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Pacesetter medium weight Tear-Away Adhesive Stabilizer

½ yard exterior fabric (Use a medium weight fabric like cotton)

½ yard liner (Use a medium weight fabric like cotton)

The pattern is for a basket that measures 7x 12 when finished. I used a 2 piece exterior so the embroidery was noticeable along the edge. This is optional. If you choose to do this you will have to sew the 2 pieces together.

Optional 2 piece exterior: 3.5 x 16.5 (top strip) 9.5 x 16.5 (bottom exterior)

Cut a strip of fabric that measures 3.5 x 16.5. You will need 2 of these for the front and back. I chose to embroider one side but you can embroider both.

Before embroidery make sure to press the fabric and then mark a cross at the mid point with a fabric marker. That way you know where to position the letters or design.

I like to do a sample before the final design, that way I can adjust sizing, position, etc. based off this. Its better to spend the extra time doing the sample then making mistakes in a final project.

Because the strip of my fabric is 3.5 x 16.5 I will be doing hoopless embroidery. I also will be using the 5×12 multi-position hoop to cover the wider area. This means less re-hooping.

Hoopless embroidery is great for ribbon, trims, small areas (onesies, edges of blankets, etc.), and knit (so the hoop doesnt stretch the fabric).

Use the touch screen and go to lettering.

For me I used the large lettering to write my nieces name. I began with her first name.

I then had to rotate the lettering 90 degrees. I also made sure it was positioned properly by using the arrows to move up and down or from side to side. This is why I always mark the center so I know where Id like my space to be before the next set of lettering.

You can also increase and decrease the size and mirror images. Just make sure you write down the size of the letters for the next set.

Once finished with the first set of embroidery, I remove the hoop and position it to the back portion. Then I repeat the previous steps above.

Remove the tear away stabilizer from the back.

Begin by sewing (¼ seam allowance) the top trims you just embroidered onto the bottom exterior pieces right sides together. Press seam allowance open.

Using extra-large eyelets or snap on grommets, position the eyelet 1 out from raw edge and midpoint. Use a fabric marking tool and trace the interior of the eyelet.

Position so the seams meet together and pin into place. Nest the seam allowances so theyre going in opposite directions. Sew a ¼ seams allowance.

Cut the rope so they measure 9 each. Knot one end of the rope and slide it through both eyelets. Knot again to secure. Repeat for the other side.

Place the exterior into the liner so right sides are together. I used Greta Clips but you can pin as well. Make sure the seams are parallel with each other.

I like to add a few more items to gift basket: a set of diapers, a swaddle blanket, and a set of personalized onesies. has an array of designs you can add to a USB and embroider with the

SE1800 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

I love the rope handles!!! What a pretty name for a little baby girl 😉

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The Stitching Sewcial is brought to you by Brother International Corporation. Designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts.

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Best 25+ Coffee gift baskets ideas on Pinterest Coffee gifts Christmas baskets and Gift ideas for parents

Polka Dot Coffee Mug Gift; add paper filler, a pack of via Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee, a gift card, and chocolate. Place it inside clear cellophane and tied it with gold ribbon. A simple gift thats perfect for a coffee lover!

Christmas DIY: Give the gift of cof Give the gift of coffee with this adorable Christmas Morning Coffee Gift Basket!

For Miss Audrey put the candle made of the crystals in her mothers day basket with a few books a coffee pot & cup a bag of coffee, pair reading glasses inside the hard case slippers candy she likes lays chips & skins and a soda and a mothers day card.

The TomKat Studio: How to Make a Coffee Gift Basket

Cute DIY gift basket idea for Coffee Lovers using K-Cups via Happy Go Lucky – Do it Yourself Gift Baskets Ideas for All Occasions – Perfect for Christmas – Birthdays or anytime (Diy Gifts For Christmas)

Starbucks Italian Coffee Basket For the genuine Starbucks coffee lover 3 Italian coffee blends Classic Bodum coffee press Decorative basket in Italian flag colors

10 Coffee-Themed Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

Create a thoughtful gift basket for your coffee-dependent friends. Place a personalized mug and their favorite coffee inside of a basket. Take your gift to the next level by including a French press.

Fill a basket with coffee drinks, coffee, chocolates, chocolate covered coffee beans, gift card to a coffee place.

35 Gift Ideas for Neighbors and Friends

35 Gift Ideas for Neighbors and Friends – Yellow Bliss Road I like this basket idea since neighbors like coffee 🙂

Chance to Win a Starbucks On the Go Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket! This gift will be a hit for the Starbucks coffee lover on the go. The hot/cold durable.LOVE TO WIN!

Do it Yourself Gift Basket Ideas for Any and All Occasions

How to Make a Coffee Gift Basket Coffee is a favorite indulgence for many and is a great way to start the day. Why not make your guy this DIY gift basket?

No one would blame you if you never wanted to create a gift basket on your own. DIY gift baskets are pretty intimidating, since you have to find the right pieces that fit perfectly together. But the t(Bake Tools Gift)

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket (Totally for dad)

Wholesale cheap custom christmas gift Wicker Picnic Basket

Hebei Xianchi Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd.

Wholesale cheap custom christmas gift Wicker Picnic Basket

1pc/opp bag, 4pcs/ctn, Carton size: 64 x 42 x 62 cm, G.w: 16kg

40*30*20 cm or as per your requirement

as photo or as per your requirement

Standard export carton box or as per your requirement

Around 35days after receiving your deposit or L/C

View more Willow basket Click Here

yes,We can.And we are preofessional,size,color and material can be customized as your requirements.

Please advise me more details of the products,such as the size,material,shape,Logo ect.

3. Are samples available?How about the samples time andfee?

yes,samples are available,and samples can be sent out in 5-7 days by express.

Our MOQ is usually 500pcs for large baskets and 1000pcs for small baskets.

Usually 30-45 days depend on different order quantities.

Usually 30%T/T in advance,balanced paid before delivery or against the B/L copy.Or L/C at sight.

Not exactly what you want? 1 request, multiple quotationsGet Quotations Now

The suppliers transactions conduted via in the past 6 months.

The supplier supports Trade Assurance A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Site:InternationalEspañolPortugusDeutschFrançaisItalianoहिंदीP한국어اللغة العربيةภาษาไทยTrkNederlandstiếng ViệtIndonesianעברית

Product Listing PolicyIntellectual Property ProtectionPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseLaw Enforcement Compliance Guide

book gift basket

Yes! I would like verified suppliers matching service!

manufacturers have passed our Business License Check, they can provide quality

of Things to Do Big Hugs Kids Activity

Item: DS4908-2 $89.95 Boy or Girl: [Boy]



Girl Price pricing starts at $65 Availability: In Stock Part Number:BASG65 Choose Options Size …

– Boy / Girl H1076 – price indicated for 1 whole

which including items below: Teether Silky Soft Tug Pal (Soft Toy) cloth

set Towel Baby Socks / Shoes decorative

-Girl View Large Image Email to Friend Write Review Availability: In Stock! Item: Forever Baby

full of things to do comes decorated with a fabric bow and wrapped in cellophane. Your get well soon

Click to enlarge image(s) Educational New Baby

! Baby Einstein Educational Toys, and

. Baby will kick learning and exploring into overdrive with this fully loaded ready to go delightfully personalized baby

Baby Einstein The Fast & the Curious

A bottle of Greg Norman Estates Shiraz is the perfect centerpiece for this Gourmet Wine

Includes: Greg Norman Estates Shiraz Limestone Coast Red Wine GOLF-ING (one of the funniest

Christmas Decor Greg Norman Estates Shiraz: Golf & Wine


Valentine Friends Forever Dog and Owner

Hover over image to zoom Price: $119.99 Product IDBB-15-A301V 0/5 0 review(s) Tweet Bookmark …

Valentine Friends Forever Dog and Owner

includes: Baby Einstein Music CD Wooden Farm Puzzle Baby Einstein Soft Board

Duck Security Blanket Farm Plush (assorted cow…

Perfect for female/male birthday or any other occasion. Send Birthday Christmas Valentine

to Europe, Send Birthday Christmas Valentine

to Austria, Send Birthday Christmas Valentine

filled to overflowing with heartfelt wellness wishes. The wonderful Touch of Wellness Wishes

is filled with cheerful stories of personnel triumph and uplifting stories…

… Oh Boy! Little Miracle Baby Boy

includes personalized minky dots baby security blanket, You Are My I Love You hardcover baby board

, teddy bear themed clothing made from…

Personalized Oh Boy! Little Miracle Baby Boy

… wall letters, and you have yourself an unforgettably unique Minnie Mouse

that will be treasured for a lifetime! What a unique baby

for the special day in baby life. This Item Features…

is ideal for a work collection and makes a lovely presentation

. It contains; An outfit (currently consisting of a long sleeved top and 3 interchangeable…

varies. When empty it is perfect for holding toys,

to your customers with a professionally done flyer. You can

orders using this no-name printed flyer showing

About Us – SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies

About Us – SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies

… – Boy   Approx. Dimensions 10 x 7 x 14          Approx. weight 3.45 lbs. Item Description Quantity 02000 Natural Wicker

1 20874 Got Milk? Bib with applique 1 20876 Got Milk? Printed Sleeper 1 20878 Got Milk? Patterned…

, Sound Pad Talking Pad for Children

Shelf , Living Room 4 Store Black Metal Bookshelf Popular size for your reference: Item: supermarket shelving …

Shelf , Living Room 4 Store Black Metal Bookshelf

1*40 ft container mixed container is offered

35 working days after received 30% deposit or original LC

and special occasions like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. This

for readers features your choice of a bestselling

Our buyer assistants can help you find the most suitable, 100% reliable suppliers from China.

And this service is free of charge.

we have buyer assistants who speak English, French, Spanish……and we are ready to help you anytime!

Your message must be between 20-3,000 characters!

Your Enquiry has been sent successfully

s Easter Candy Gift Basket

overflowing with delightful Easter candies and toys.

includes Easter Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny (8 Oz), Just Born Marshmallow Chick Peeps (10 PC Pk), Edible Sugar Egg with surprise candy within center, Easter Gumball Machine filled Gumball Candies, Just Born Fruit Jelly Beans (4 Oz), Edible Monster Money, Spring Jelly Lollipop, Fun Bottle Bubbles, Super Chocolate Racing Car, plenty Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs, Mini Bunnies Solid Chocolate, Pastel Egg filled Candies, Surprise Easter Bubble Gum Lollipop, and Prehistoric Egg. Easter Candies arrives Easter Bunny Basket enclosed Easter cellophane, completed with beautiful satin bow.

Net Wt. 2 Lbs. 9 Oz Shipping Wt. 3 Lbs 5 Oz

Easter Bunny Hunt Calendar Filled Chocolates (4 Oz – 16 PCs)

Easter Chick Chocolate Eggs Gift (4 Oz)

Easter Bunny Chocolate Eggs Gift (4 Oz)

Easter Mini Gold Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnies Gift (6 Oz)

Spring Chocolate Eggs Filled Caramel Gift Basket (5.5 Oz)

Easter Bunny Petite Candy Gift Basket

Easter Bunny Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

Deluxe Easter Bunny Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

Ashers Chocolate Basket Filled Assorted Chocolates – (1 Lb 5.5 Oz)

Ashers Chocolate Bud Vase with Red Chocolate Rose (6.25 Oz)

Ashers Pink Chocolate Rose Within Chocolate Vase (6.25 Oz)

Red Long Stem Chocolate Roses Vase Gift (1/2 Doz)

Sweet Sentiments Red Sweetheart Chocolate Roses Gift Vase (1 Doz)

Simply Said Red Sweetheart Chocolate Roses Gift Vase (1/2 Doz)

Pretty Pink Sweetheart Chocolate Roses Gift Vase (1/2 Doz)

Foiled Sweetheart Solid Milk Chocolate Roses Gift Vase (1 Doz.)

Red Sweetheart Chocolate Rose Gift Vase (1/2 Doz)

Submit your site in awebsite directoryfor free! This business is listed underGourmet Directory

Detroit Popcorn

Popcorn seeds, oils, bags & cups as well as Sno-Kone flavors, cotton candy mixes & more.

Festive one gallon tubs filled with your favorite treats! Send one today to a friend, loved one or customer.

repair all types of fun food & restaurant equipment. Just give us a call & youll be back in business right away…

Beautiful pictures of Detroit Zoo, Tiger Stadium, Model T & much more filled with goodies.

For Family, Friends, Business Associates! We have the Chocolate & Popcorn Lovers Gift Baskets for you.

Orders can take 24-48 hours to process. Shipping can take up to 7 business days based on your location. Thank you…

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

This page is all about easy homemade gift ideas to include in your gift basket or give on their own. All you need is a printer and you are all set!

These printables areFREEfor your personal usage.

They were designed to be included in the gift baskets ideas featured on this site (click on the gift basket link next to each printable to see the related gift basket page), but feel free to use them for other gift concepts too.

Free printables – click on the links to see the images

Homemade memory card game – instructions

Free printable Valentines greeting cards

Free printables for Easter gift baskets

A decorative paper flower anyone can make (to decorate your gift)

Free printable certificates and awards page

Free printable adult coloring pages

This is an easy homemade gift idea that can serve as an inexpensive last minute gift. It is part of thegift basket for the forgetful.

Ingredients: picture files of family and friends, color printer + paper, scissors, glue, laminating machine (optional).

Open the first picture on your PC– right click it — click

Go to the table (step 1) — right click the first cell on the left — click

— adjust picture size if needed (

click on a picture– hover over one of its corners– your cursor changes to a double pointing arrow– click the corner and drag it towards picture center).

Repeat steps 3-4 with the other pictures, each time pasting them in the next available empty cell (if you run out of table lines, simply place your cursor in the last right cell and hit TAB. This will automatically create another table line. Repeat this step as many times as needed).

of each page on a regular paper or a slightly thicker one if you have it. Laminate the printed paper for better durability.If you dont have access to a laminating machine, glue the backside of the paper onto a piece of cardboard (empty cereal box or similar).

back to gift basket for the forgetfulback to printables list

This calendar is part of thegift basket for the forgetful.

Click one of the above images and a full size image will open up.Print it, laminate it and then mark important dates on it (birthdays, anniversaries, periodical car checkups etc).

Instruct your recipient to hang it on the inner side of his/her toilet door so he/she can stare at it during these quality moments.

These dates will be remembered – guaranteed! (you can include a pen with the calendar so more items can be added by the recipient).

back to gift basket for the forgetfulback to printables list

This easy homemade gift idea is part of thelight sleeper gift basket.

It includes many sheep in all shapes and sizes to be counted when trying to fall asleep.

Click the thumbnail to open the full size image. You can then print the full size image or right click it to save it to your computer. Laminate if for better endurance.

back to light sleeper gift basketback to printables list

This door sign is an easy home made gift idea which is part of thelight sleeper gift basket,recharge gift basket for momanda mans treasure box, asking people to be quiet while your recipient is trying to sleep.

Click the above image to view the full size image. You can then print it or right click it to save it to your computer.

Once printed, cut the sign according to frame, laminate it, punch two holes in it according to marks, thread a rope or ribbon in them and tie the ends together so it can be hung.

This sign is part of theclean freak gift basket.

It asks people in a biblical way to take of their shoes before entering the house because it has just been cleaned.

Click the above image to view the full size image. You can then print it or right click it to save it to your computer.

Once printed, cut the sign according to frame, laminate it, punch two holes in it according to marks, thread a rope or ribbon in them and tie the ends together so it can be hung.

This free printable booklet contains words to Christmas carols everyone knows and loves including:

It is part of thepractical Christmas gift basketidea.

To print out this booklet, click on the picture above or onthis link.A PDF file will open on your screen with a floating grey menu (see illustration below). You can then either print it by clicking the printer icon (marked here with a pink square) or save a copy to your computer and print later by clicking the CD symbol (marked in a yellow circle).

For best result choose print on both sides option on your printer settings.

to Christmas gift basket ideas pageback to printables list

This gift idea is not printable but it is extremely easy to make. It is a part of thepractical Christmas gift basketand a perfect solution for a cheap, last minute homemade Christmas gift.

Its also great as a last minute gift idea for any other event that involves many greeting cards (child birth, get well, birthday etc).

to Christmas gift basket ideas pageback to printables list

I designed these four-folded Valentines greeting cards especially to go along with myValentine gift basket ideas(click on the link to find out more about these ideas).

Click on one of the cards — the full card image will appear.

Print this page or save it to your computer and print it later (right click the image and choose save as).

Fold the printed page in half (top to bottom) following the light gray horizontal line.

Fold into four quarters (side to side) following the gray vertical line.

Free printables for Easter gift baskets

These two printables are part of theEaster gift basket ideaspage.

Theegg instruction printableis a quick reference guide to egg cooking. It is part of theall about eggsgift basket idea. Click on the above image for a full size image. Print it , stick a magnet at the back of it and add it to your gift basket for your recipient to stick it on fridge door.

Therabbit ears templatecan be used to stick on any Easter gift basket as decoration. Click the above image for a full size image. Print it on a thick paper, color it (optional), cut according to shape and stick ears on gift basket by rolling the marked part around the handle and gluing it together.

to Easter gift basket ideasback to printables list

This runners ID tag is part of therunner gift basket, thecyclist gift basketand thesports kit kit gift basket.

It is very easy to make and can be a lifesaviorforanyone who works out outdoorsin case ofemergency. It is used by simply threading it onto shoe lace. If your recipient always carries a pouch with him while training, he/she can place it there too.

out one of these two templates and fill it in or prepare a custom made tag yourself including all

about your recipient (name, phone, emergency contact, address, blood type, allergies, prescriptions, any special medical condition such as diabetes etc.).

it (if you dont have a laminate machine, you can usually find one at copy / print stores / office depot etc).

to shape. Make sure you round the edges to prevent injuries and torn socks…

at the top of the tag using a puncher.

This free printableget well bookletwas designed especially for theGet Well Gift Basket ideapage. Its a small booklet containing jokes, riddles, color pages, puzzles and other fun stuff to help pass your recipients time while they are recovering from illness or injury.

If you want to print the booklet in a booklet format so that each A4 sheet includes 4 pages – 2 printed pages on each side (like in the above photo), set up Adobe Readers print settings as follows:

Below is a screenshot of the Adobe Reader print settings page to help you find these settings.

your recipients name on the cover page.

a personal note from you on page 3.

your recipients name inside the cloud on the coloring page- page 14 (top left side of the drawing).

Looking for more easy homemade gift ideas?

check out the
se gift basket ideas by hobby

Homeideas by hobbyideas by sportideas by characteristics last minute

how to about me contact me site map

Funny Novelty Spinner Handheld Basketball Machine Palm Basketball with Light + Music + Basket Anti Stres Toy for Gift

Handheld Basketball, Palm Basketball Box, Handheld Basketball Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Funny Novelty Spinner Handheld Basketball Machine Palm Basketball with Light + Music + Basket Anti Stres Toy for Gift, 7 3G Car Camera DVR GPS Bluetooth Dual Lens Rearview Mirror Android 5.0 Video Recorder Full HD 1080P Auto Dash Cam, 3.5 Inch Car DVR Black Box Rearview Mirror Camera Auto DVR Single Len Dash Cam Video Camcorder Full HD 1080P Night Vison and so on.

Funny Novelty Spinner Handheld Basketball Machine Palm Basketball with Light + Music + Basket Anti Stres Toy for Gift

Funny Novelty Spinner Handheld Basketball Machine Palm Basketball with Light + Music + Basket Anti Stres Toy for Gift

T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

Request a custom order and have something just for you!

In the hand to play, with certain skills put the ball in the basket, there will be a wonderful flash and sound encourage!

This is a new type of palm movement that exercises flexibility of the fingers and flexibility of the wrist;

Some people fell, fire at the target a hundred times without a single miss! Efforts should be made in our efforts!

It is also a new way of leisure sports, especially suitable for learning the rhythm of life, tension, pressure groups,It can relieve nerves, relieve stress, learn, live, work, travel, walk, and play whenever and wherever you can!

A: Please tell us the service you need, color and quantity, then we will make the PI for you, after you get the PI you can pay for your order.

A:We can accept Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and T/T, you can choose any one of them.

Q:What is the guarantee can you provide?

A: Our warranty is one year, during the period of warranty, if there are any problems with the quality, you can send us the photos. We can rechange for the bad quality ones

A: Sure. We usually provide existing sample for free just pay for the shipping cost.

Q:What is the LEAD TIME and how do you ship the goods?

A: Usually 2-3 days for sample or small orders,10-15 days for bulk orders. Depends on the requirements. We usually ship the goods by DHL, EMS,UPS, also you can choose the other way that best for you.

A: Usually our MOQ is 50 pcs. But we accept lower quantity for your trial order.

Q: How much the transportation freight will be?

A: The freight depends on the weight & packing size and your area.

A: We can do as your design, the MOQ need to be 1000pcs.

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